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Jacques Lemans is one of the leading global watch producers, represented in more than 120 countries worldwide. The Jacques Lemans collection boasts high fashion, and supremely stylish, yet affordable, timepieces. The appeal of this brand lies in its unique designs & signature ‘look’ (a very cohesive collection, fashionable yet distinctive vs  the majority of market competitors). In addition, this brand is on the forefront of global fashion trends, launching new collections every quarter, with these models consistently incorporating key style  attributes displayed by the world’s leading prestigious timepieces, such as Hublot and Breitling. In essence, Jacques Lemans is offering consumers a prestigious ‘timepiece’  without having to pay the price associated with these pieces.

Although a relatively new brand in the South African marketplace (launched in 2009), the brand has gained significant awareness and interest, and has shown phenomenal growth. Most pertinent to this point is the large Facebook following we have gained over the space of a 1 year period. During this time, the brand has acquired close to 11,000 fans, with their high levels of engagement revealing a passion about the brand & the products therein.

La Passion – All about the Glitz and Glam. Innovative material and intricate design elements form a perfect symbiosis. Sparkling Swarovski crystals and shiny crystal powder turn these timepieces into more than just a watch, but a unique piece of jewellery. Click here to view our La Passion watch collection

Sports Collection - Latest technology and robust material guarantee functionality. Featuring a solid stainless steel case, a hardened crystal face, and a silicone or silver strap, this collection offers superb quality. Also included in the collection are a range of chronograph and digital timepieces – the perfect combination of sporty and trendy. Click on one of the following links for the men's or women's sport collection.

Dress Collection – Elegance, classic and classy. Cases are made of solid stainless steel and/ or ceramic, combined with straps made of high grade leather, solid stainless steel, or ceramic, turn these watches into world class timepieces. Click on one of the following links for the men's or women's classic collection.

UEFA Champions League collection -  In 2009, Jacques Lemans was awarded exclusive rights to the prestigious UEFA Champions League collection, thereby reinforcing its position as a respected global brand. Representing  one of the most well known brands in the world of sports, features creative, technically advanced details and is comprised of the highest quality materials. The brand elements of the UEFA Champions League are perfectly integrated in this collection, turning these watches into stylish and sporty timepieces. Click here to view our UEFA champions league collection.

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